Time has come to begin posting again…

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The time has come to post again. I will willingly admit that maintaining a blog has not been my strength. Because of that, I am going to try a new approach. At least once a week (most likely Wednesdays) I will post something that interests me. There may be additional posts, especially now that we are all “sheltering in place”. So, let’s see how that works.

I have two current projects I am working on. The first project is competitive research on the web, specifically as it relates to the fast-food industry. The second project is looking at the customer experience for a specific client.

While I cannot get into specifics on either of these projects, I can share what I learn about these topics from a knowledge perspective and I will do that.

I also will pass along articles that I find that provides some insights and I will provide my thoughts. Hopefully, we can establish a dialog as I am sure I will not agree with everyone 🙂

This should provide some material to write about and I look forward to sharing. Perhaps I will come up with more articles like Market Research: The case for it and some basic terminology

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