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I had the ability yesterday to attend the Adobe Summit 2020 online. It was being done online rather than being held live for reasons that are obvious for the times we are living through.

I spent about 3 hours going through the presentations and there is so much more to absorb.  I know that I will be spending more time over the next few days there, as CX is important to me. If interested, it is available at:

One of the things that is amazing is how much CX has changed over the past few years, particularly in the area of integration with other data sets. The ability to integrate data collected by Adobe and other third-party platforms, and to not just integrate, but to manipulate and analyze that data is incredible. Very different from the siloed approach of just a couple of years ago. Very different from when we manually stitched together customer journeys in the past.

This only reinforces the fact that the customer journey (in both B2B and B2C) is no longer linear, but rather is more of a meandering trail. People have the ability to move back and forth, as well as move in their own direction. While it is true that some patterns emerge, there are many more patterns and paths than existed in the past.

So, as I continue to view and read, it is becoming obvious that integration is a must with Digital Experience Platforms. Decisions happen in real-time, and AI and ML aid with this. A/B/n testing is still valuable when looking for an overall reaction, but there are times when one-to-one can be accomplished…especially those customers that we have a history with OR if we are willing to ask questions.

It is a brave new world, and I for one, am looking forward to it.

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