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Mark Tietbohl Bio

I am excited to keep developing this site on an ongoing basis. There are many great articles, this is one of my more recent favorites: The Customer Journey – Segmentation, Cohorts and Behavior Flow


  • Currently a self-employed consultant and project manager.
  • Projects include market diligence/discovery (trends, competition distribution, market segmentation, impact of technology, qualitative and quantitative interviews) and development of go-to-market strategies.
  • Clients are generally private equity groups, investment banks holding portfolios and some private companies.
    • I also serve as a part-time Instructor in the Integrated Marketing Communications Master’s program at West Virginia University (Mobile Marketing and Web Analytics/SEO), and an Adjunct Professor (part-time) at Lynn University (Global Marketing and Introduction to Marketing).
  • Acted as an “intrapreneur” at Lowe’s Companies Inc. for 9+ years designing and launching new programs, including establishing communications and support infrastructure, go-to-market strategies, ongoing marketing efforts including traditional and digital advertising and social media platforms, building operating process and obtaining financing.
    • Acted as the project manager for the Installed Services group on the launch of Lowe’s and the program into Canada.
    • Worked as one of the key business leads to the omnichannel integration initiative for the last 3 years. During this time, we integrated Point of Sale, CRM, SVoC, CX, UX, Call center programs, several databases as well as an additional 180+ programs in the technology stack.
    • Worked on the In-Home Selling Program, Centralized Project Management, 203K Financing and other programs.
  • I have worked extensively with start-ups and early-stage companies in technology, services and manufacturing in cooperation with state and university-funded agencies, as well as venture capital, private equity and angel groups.
    • The focus of work was aimed at uncovering growth, partnership and go-to-market strategies with the end goal of building actionable growth plans and value propositions.
    • I also worked with Fortune 100 companies on market discovery projects.
    • This period included a one-year stint as interim CMO of a fledgling CPG company.
  • Formerly an innovative entrepreneur in the direct mail industry (12+ years). Build a company focused on fulfilling A/B/n tests for major marketing firms using direct mail, infomercials, broadcast media, and later, web marketing.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • New product and service development, rollout and commercialization
  • Direct sales structure/process and relationship development, including building partnerships
  • Ability to work successfully with start-up and early-stage firms, as well as mature organizations.

You can see more about what I do at https://www.linkedin.com/in/marktietbohl/