A share for “The Audience (formerly known as the Audience)”

Wheat Field
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Here is an article that I found thought provoking from Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation. 

The topic is about audiences, specifically your audiences. His point is well taken…we wanted diversity and today’s audiences are more diverse than our personas. In fact our personas may look nothing like our audiences. I agree, the “why” we as members of an audience do things is very important. In mobile, the context is also often incredibly important for why people act as they do.

So, I am absolutely there. That said, you do need to start somewhere on this journey, and using analytics and qualitative  information to build a persona is a start (and an important one). You just cannot stop there. The key is to continue the journey and continue to learn more about your customer. Becausethey do continue to evolve…

Read the post and tell me what you think: The Audience (Formerly known as the Audience)

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