The Customer Journey – Segmentation, Cohorts and Behavior Flow

There is no doubt that creating segmentation and building cohorts matter a great deal when we are exploring the customer journey. These are needed to build the trends over time that we are looking for. We certainly want to know who we are looking at, and also what may have brought them to us or Read More

Time has come to begin posting again…

The time has come to post again. I will willingly admit that maintaining a blog has not been my strength. Because of that, I am going to try a new approach. At least once a week (most likely Wednesdays) I will post something that interests me. There may be additional posts, especially now that we Read More

Building segments: From a customer perspective. Market Research – Article 2

Market research can be big help to creating sustainable and profitable growth and adding depth to our offerings in the marketplace. As I stated in the initial article in this market research series, the digital world makes this easier to accomplish than ever before. The key is to not overreact (not act on false positives Read More

Market Research: The case for it and some basic terminology

First in a series around the need for market research in our digital age. Here we discuss initial importance and some basic definitions for those just starting out in this journey. Read More

Social – Good for Referrals and Inspiration, not so much for Shopping

Here is a short and sweet article I found on eMarketer (December 19, 2017). The article indicates that consumers still not flocking to social media to buy, but early stage influence of social media in the purchase cycle is crucial: I think this is right. We all look to others for ideas and inspirations, Read More

A share for “The Audience (formerly known as the Audience)”

Here is an article that I found thought provoking from Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation.  The topic is about audiences, specifically your audiences. His point is well taken…we wanted diversity and today’s audiences are more diverse than our personas. In fact our personas may look nothing like our audiences. I agree, the Read More